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Latest 2023.

EU customs are now much more strict about requiring an EORI number before they will deliver. If you are business you should have an EORI number allocated to you and can request it from your local government agency.

If you are a business, it is important that you give us your EORI number. It is possible for parcels to be returned because the business did not provide the EORI number or could not provide it when contacted by the courier's customs department

Please see:

Please also be aware that some EU countries have increased the checking of documents and may request from you the proof of the value paid for the goods as a way to verify the invoice we provided is true and has not been undervalued.


As of 1st January 2021, the UK has left the Brexit transition period which has applied during most of 2020.


As a result of the new trading relationship, the goods we send to our EU customers from now on will need to be customs cleared into the EU.  It means that you the customer will now be responsible to pay your local VAT, and any import taxes and handling charges on the goods we send to your own home country.

Will this cost me more?

Yes. But to give more detail:

We do not now charge any UK taxes on any of our exports.

Instead you are liable to pay your own countryís VAT (sales tax)  on the goods directly to the courier, together with any import tax and courier handling charges calculated.

This applies to individuals and businesses the same, although VAT registered businesses should be able to claim the VAT tax back on their VAT tax return, subject to your local rules.

We recommend that you check the guidance given by your local country government for dealing with UK imports. It may be possible for EU VAT registered businesses to arrange to avoid paying the import VAT / import tax to the courier and instead account for it only on the VAT return. But any arrangements will vary from country to country and we canít advise on the process.

Import customs duty costs (separate to VAT),  depend on the items in your delivery and the country of origin. Typically for most bicycle parts 4.7% of the goods value is normal, but this is subject to the current EU rules, and taxes may be higher. UK made parts should be zero rated. The customs process and the taxes that are applied are outside our control as they are dealt with by officers in your own home country, rather than here in the UK. More information on tax rates can be found here:

The courier will email or text you automatically with details of the charges and methods for payment.  They will deliver the goods to you after receipt of payment. If the charges are not paid, the courier will eventually return the goods back to us.

For all EU customers, we request that you provide a reliable contact mobile telephone number in case the courier cannot get a reply by email for issues of customs clearance.