Bronze Rods and Silver Solder Stocked

SIF Bronze No 101
Special brazing rod containing specific addition of Manganese and Tin with free flowing characteristics. 870-890 C Melting Point. 460 N/mm2 UTS Strength. 130 BHN Hardness.

Stocked in 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 or 3.0mm rods

SIF Bronze No 2
A high duty, free flowing rod containing 9% Nickel which produces an exceptionally strong joint on cast iron, stainless and alloy steels. It has excellent wearing properties and is recommended for building worn components like gear teeth, bearings and valve seats since it work hardens. The high strength characteristics makes Sifbronze No 2 ideal for tubular structures, brazing cutting tips and as a general maintenance alloy. 920-980 C Melting Point, 540 N/mm2 UTS, 200 BHN Hardness.

Stocked in 1.6 or 3.2mm rods

SIF Silver Solder No 43
A Cadmium free Silver solder, which is free flowing, suitable for us on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, except aluminium. Silver content stands at 55%. It can be used with oxy-acetylene, oxy-propane and associated heat sources. Ideal for close fitting capillary joints and good colour match on Stainless Steel. Melting Point 630-660 C, 415 N/mm2 UTS

Stocked in 1.5mm x 500mm rods

SIF Silver Solder No 39
A Cadmium free Silver solder suitable for use on all ferrous and non ferrous metals, except aluminium.  Silver content is 38%. It can used with a range of heat sources. 650-725 C Melting Point, 460 N/mm2 UTS

Stocked in 1.5mm x 500mm rods

TIG Rods for Steel

309L Stainless Tig Rod 1.0mm.
Suitable for Columbus, Reynolds, Dedacciai and other cromoly based tube sets


Weldmold 880T Welding Rod. 0.89mm or 1.14mm.

Weld Mold 880 is for high tensile joining of crack sensitive materials that donít require heat-treatment. The exceptionally high elongation and tensile strength of this machinable alloy makes it a highly versatile maintenance material. Deposits are dense, smooth, crack desensitized and resistant to corrosion and heat.

Sold in pound units (454g)

FLUXES for Bronze brazing and Silver solder

SIF Silver Solder Flux Powder

500 g Tub



Cycle Design USA Fluxes & Silver Brazing Products.

Developed in the USA in collaboration between developers Fred Parr and frame builder Dave Bohm. Used by Award Winning Builders Worldwide

Fillet Pro
Sold by the troy ounce.  With "Fillet Pro" you can join stainless steel to chrome-moly and vice versa. For fillet brazing at below 650C.
Ideal for use with Martensitic SS ( 953)and XCR, SS tips and parts. Beyond any brass in finish strength at silver temps. Excellent for tips and fork crowns or loose fits. 

Sold by the troy ounce. 1.6mm or 2.4mm gauge.

Brazage System 48

System 48 rod and flux together has the best capillary action and deepest filler penetration of all previous Silver Brazing formulas.

System 48 Also will build connection fillets for seat stays, brake bridges, canti bosses, and is the only filler needed to build complete frame sets using lugs.

System 48 Flow temp is same as older 56% silver fillers and flux washes off with water.

Sold by the troy ounce. 1.6mm gauge.

CYCLE DESIGN LFB (Low Fuming Bronze)
Available in 1.6, 2.4 or 3.2mm gauge. 1 lb (454 g) units.

LFB Bronze Flux Paste
Creamy white, easy to apply, non bubble or flare, soaks off like silver flux in warm water. Please note special instructions for use.

1 lb Jar

Also available as powder on special request.

Stainless Light Flux Paste
Safe general purpose silver brazing flux. Works for improved bonding and flow of high ratio, low temperature silver brazing rod. Optimal flow and clean joints regardless of silver grade percentage. Excellent for use with steel or stainless steel. Water soluble in warm water.

1 lb Jar


System 48 Flux Paste
Safe general purpose silver brazing flux. Works with and improves the flow of every high ratio low temperature silver brazing rod. Provides optimal cleaning, is great for non stainless tubes and provides a slower more controllable flow, regardless of the percentage of silver grade.

1 lb Jar

Also available as powder on special request.


For more detail on flux and rod application see Cycle Design USA website at or for technical questions you can email them direct on

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